Nacada International Conference: Partnering for Student Succes

The NACADA international conference occurs every two years on a different continent to enhance the visibility and relevance of higher and further education institutions and partners in supporting student success. It is a critical component in developing working partnerships and relationships across countries, languages and cultures in order to retain, develop, support and educate all students to graduation and beyond. It recognizes that students today undertake tertiary studies in a fast-paced environment that is technologically-enabled, educationally flexible and must be creatively supportive for our students to become workplace ready.

NACADA's International Conference

Call for proposals

Tot 28 januari 2015 kun je zelf een voorstel indienen voor een bijdrage aan de conferentie.


Praktische informatie

Data: 24 - 26 juni 2015
Locatie: Universiteit Melbourne, Australië

De inschrijving verloopt volledig via NACADA. De LVSA zal in Melbourne vertegenwoordigd zijn.